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Promotional Products as Marketing Tools


Promotional products are customized wares that companies give out freely to promote their logo, corporate identity, brand, promo or an upcoming event. Promotional products sometimes are used as incentives to boost the morale of workers, and can also be used to ignite a conversation or as an ice breaker in trade shows or events. Furthermore, promotional products are used by political party; for instance, when a political candidate is addressing a crowd of people, his party members can share customize items imprinted with the party’s logo and campaign relevant information on the items. Take for instance, America elected president, Donald Trump used caps and t-shirt with imprinted inscriptions like “TRUMP PENCE 2016 and DEPLORABLE LIVES MATTER” as part of his promotional product in Orlando during his campaign.

Some organizations use them as a means of raising funds or incentives to funders at the occasion while some companies sometimes give their loyal customers as a reward for their patronage. These items given are usually printed with the company’s logo, brand, or name.

Today, promotional products are widely used around the world by companies, individuals and many more. Common promotional items include pens, cups, T-shirts, books, hats, key holders, handkerchiefs and lots more. These items are what most companies and individuals give away as promotional products in Orlando.

Additionally, Organizations and companies spends a lot on promotional products in Orlando, some spend up to one million dollars yearly on giveaway gifts with their logo or brand imprinted on them. This has raised a lot of questions like: are promotional products the best way of raising awareness or growing sales in an organization compare to other types of advertising? What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a promotional product?


For promotional products to be relevant, the item used should be something that is useful, always close for easy and fast reference or can be used to inspire a good feeling. Promotional items must be functional and things that are kept or used in plain sight so that you get most marketing exposure as possible from them.

Moreover, it has been confirmed by researchers that most beneficiaries of promotional products in Orlando could only recall a specific promotional product they had received in the past 24 months.

More than half of them enjoyed collecting promotional products, almost half wished they get more promotional products often, while almost all of them remembered the advert on the item they received and two-third remembered the advertiser and the product being promoted.

More also, participants or consumers are inspired to likely buy a product or ask for services after collecting a promotional product compared to other forms of advertising.

Furthermore, as said earlier, some organizations spend big on promotional products; some spend up to 20 million dollars yearly while some can be lesser or even higher.

Apparently, organizations get a good return on the money they spend on promotional product compared to any other form of advertising. Researchers proved that the cost of promotional product per person is far lesser than any other form of creating awareness for products/ advertising because most consumers will be willing to buy the goods advertised on the promotional product they received all through the year and even more. This way, your promotional product in Orlando can be a billboard all year round.

Think about this, let’s say a consumer gets a pen and t-shirt from an organization as a promotional product in Orlando, and the organization produces cosmetics production, there is a large chance that the customer will continue to shop from the same company and sometimes use the shirt or pen if he/she stays in Orlando. Other people will see the shirt and have top of mind awareness about the company and this helps to create a top-of-mind awareness that eventually translates into sales.

Now, take for instance, the cost of producing that pen and t-shirt given to the consumer costs 5 dollars per head, and the company’s product is 10 dollars, let’s say the consumer patronizes the company five times a year, by my calculations, the company will get 50 dollars yearly from the consumer compared to 5 dollars’ worth of pen and T-shirts the consumer got from them. So, you see, organizations always get back a favorable return on the cost of producing a promotional product.

Similarly, promotional products can be used to ignite a conversation in trade shows and business seminars because they attract people to your stand or booth. it also makes the consumer have a good impression about the organization. Promotional product can as well be used to boost morale of workers and increase team spirit.

Lastly promotional products also serve as advertising boards for your product, take for instance someone who wears a shirt with your logo imprinted on it to the market, that person serves as a walking billboard for your organization.


Its shortcomings are not much compared to its advantages. Some consumers don’t keep their promotional product long enough after receiving them, they either misplace it or damage the item. This makes the purpose of giving out the item useless.

Secondly, items that are poorly made, or have factory defects will reflect a bad image on the organization.

Also, Items that does not have any relationship with the product or service might confuse the consumers who received them. There is also a probability of the consumer getting same common item from different organization, thereby saturating the consumer.

There is also the problem of distribution, you might need to hire more employees to the work for you, which will eventually increase the cost of its production.

It can also be difficult to find a perfect item for promotional product for your organization.


The market value of screen printed products is very invaluable and enormous, its demand is on the high side. Most people are used to screen printing of cards, letter heads, file covers and so on. Moreover, Screen printing has its force in the business signage industry, as it became the choice of the media to print colorful advertisements and symbols on heavy card stock. It has also become the accepted method for small and medium sign stores, as it is quick to turn an artwork into a printing screen.


Promotional products are excellent marketing and advertising tools when the right ones are selected and given to customers. A good promotional . However, if the cost outweighs its benefits, you have to reconsider your options.

Lastly, when choosing a promotional product in Orlando, make sure items you use are seen with high value by your consumers. Secondly, use attractive colors that can catch the attention of the consumer and make sure the colors go with your brand. If you get all these correctly, then using promotional product will benefit your organization.